Lifetime Wealth Planning

Life-time planning, the legal structuring of property ownership should consider:

  • Privacy (whilst ensuring full regulatory compliance)
  • Asset-protection (e.g. . to shelter family assets)
  • Tax efficiency

When a person pays for a wealth structuring and inheritance plan that results in the drafting of a tax-efficient Will, what they get is the preservation and effective management of their personal wealth for the benefit of their descendants and future generations. This can save substantial amounts of IHT and result in asset protection.

The planning is labour intensive and requires the provision of professional advice of high standards of client care and technical expertise.

Because a comprehensive inheritance plan is likely to save substantial amounts of IHT, the cost of obtaining proper professional advice can be viewed as an investment.

It is perhaps the single most important action a person can take during their lifetime to preserve family wealth for the benefit of future generations and secure an enduring legacy of the sum total of a lifetime of work and saving.