Income Strategies

Our Income Enhancement Strategies are designed to enable high income earners such as Directors and other professionals to maximize their net pay received. It is also used by company owners to extract gross profits much more efficiently than dividends.

The strategy works by restructuring the method by which individuals are remunerated, which has the positive effects of;

  • Retention of the majority of gross earnings
  • Employer also benefits through saving 13.8% on National Insurance Contributions
  • Corporation Tax relief on the full invoice value

The strategy has been developed by and has the opinion of leading counsel and is administered by a leading London operation.

There are no upfront costs, rather this is a pay as you go strategy, at any time you can stop. The strategy appeals to both company owners and highly remunerated staff.

Other Investment Based Strategies

For those that are exposed to the 50% marginal rate of income tax, there are a number of investments that can be structured in such a manner so that they benefit from a range of reliefs currently available supporting investment into R & D activity and sustainable forestry.

For instance a £200,000 qualifying investment can benefit from £500,000 income tax relief along with real returns in subsequent years which are taxable. In year 1, personal cash flow is now £300,000 positive.  We also have access to a product with a minimum £13K investment that will benefit from a tax repayment/rebate of up to £45,000 plus leads to profits of £560k over 12 years.