Capital Gains Tax Strategies

Over recent times, there has been a significant rise in the demand for CGT planning. If you have made a taxable gain from the sale of property, shares, investments, businesses or any form of capital gain, of any size, we can help you.

We have a helped a number of clients who would have had to pay 28% Capital Gains Tax. In one case an individual is selling their personal holding in an online business. The gain stood at £20M+ with a tax liability north of £3.8M (taking into account entrepreneur’s relief). For this client we ran a bespoke personal capital gains tax mitigation strategy. Leading Counsel confirmed that the planning is not subject to the tax avoidance scheme disclosure regulations (DOTAS) and we are pleased to confirm that it remains available after the recent budget for all those with gains greater than £500,000.

Our years of experience, specialist knowledge and bespoke approach to every client means that even if you already have an accountant, it’s likely we can reduce your bill further.

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