Investment Strategies

At Trentrock, our focus has been on ensuring that our clients and their structures continue to deliver the benefits of growing wealth in a tax efficient and protected environment.

High Net worth individuals also need to be able to enjoy their wealth without the additional tax burdens associated with ‘disguised remuneration’. Trustees need to adopt clear and transparent procedures which can safely ensure that the objectives and expectations of their client beneficiaries are met consistently.

The identification of an appropriate investment strategy is the key starting point for all clients. With cash deposits now at an all time low and inflationary pressures becoming more visible it vital that trust capital is not left to be eroded. By Trustees actively seeking alternative investment opportunities available only to very high net worth and sophisticated investors a measured proportion of trust capital can be put to work for significant returns at surprisingly low risk levels. Trustees can take the appropriate investment advice and be provided with indemnity protection where necessary.

Provided all investments are wholly made for the majority of the beneficiaries, trustees and their clients remain free from the tax burdens of disguised remuneration.

Trentrock can help implement a compliant investment strategy in two specific ways;

  1. Provide your Trustees with the necessary investment strategy, guidance and protection.
  2. Help your Trustees to identify the appropriate investment opportunities.

Here are my current preferred Investment Strategies