Offshore Structures

As a general conclusion, we should start by emphasizing that properly structured offshore planning is quite rational and forms a critical part of most well-conceived asset-protection plans for clients. Asset protection, Privacy and Tax efficiency are the critical and legitimate drivers.

Offshore structures are also a key part of international trade and can be used to host key business assets, such as IP rights, licenses and image rights.

We work with a number of jurisdictions and depending on the requirements can help define the optimum strategy to meet your needs. We are able to help with

  • Corporate Remuneration Trusts
  • Excluded Property Trusts
  • International Pension Contracts
  • Exempt Property Unit Trusts
  • Exempt Unit Trusts

We must do and willingly operate “Know Your Client” processes that are aimed at complying with the money laundering rules. The source of capital and its provenance will be validated. We do not support any activity that is aimed at defrauding the Revenue (tax evasion) or sheltering the proceeds of crime.

Legitimate and proper planning which aims to reduce the tax profile of an estate, transaction or commercial strategy is where we can and do help.