Corporate Tax Easing

We are working with the leading Corporate Tax deferment strategy, now in its third year of smooth operation. This strategy allows companies making in excess of £53,000 pre-tax profits to make an investment into a structure that funds property development. The investments generate real returns which are commercial.

In the first year there is a qualifying deduction of up to 99% of your pre-tax profits. In essence rather than pay the revenue, you make an investment, you keep the difference between what you would have paid and what you invested and then earn real returns on the investment in years 3-7.

This has been put together by PWC, supported by Jonathan Peacock Q.C and David Ewart Q.C. The accountants are Mazzards.

We have now introduced this to our own client base with great success and have also been delighted by the feedback from Accountants.

For more information please contact me directly on 07889 725 836.