This is information for High Net Worth and Sophisticated Clients only as per the definition in the FCA Handbook here

A simple strategy for high returns. Low risk and high returns are key features of an investment most investors look for when building a successful portfolio and sometimes the simplest solution is able to offer the desired results.

Profits can be generated with relatively little risk by buying and selling securities through a well known met hod called  arbitrage.  Arbitrage is  thesimultaneous purchase and sale of an asset in order to profit from the price differences between a seller and a buyer of financial instruments.

The programmes to which we have access either directly or indirectly trade discounted securities using a pre sold arbitrage policy. What this means is the licensed trader, under contract cannot purchase a security unless a buyer and a price have already been agreed. The difference in price generates the company a profit which enable us to offer a high yield over a relatively short investment term.

Summary of Client Returns


1-YEAR = 8% p.a  paid annually

2-YEAR = 10% p.a paid semi annually

3-YEAR = 12% p.a paid quarterly

3-YEAR COMPOUNDED = 14.2% p.a  paid at the end


1-YEAR= 24% p.a  6% paid quarterly

1-YEAR COMPOUNDED = 26.82% p.a



  1.   Trentrock / Daniel Hayes is not regulated nor qualified to provide financial advice.
  2. Trentrock acts as an independent introducer to alternative investment strategies.
  3. These are reviewed and those that pass our stringent quality criteria are introduced to relevant clients for their consideration.
  4. As the products are generally unregulated then any failure will mean that investors will not be compensated by the FCA.
  5. You should carefully review all information provided.
  6. These products are not open to the general public and are not retail investment offerings. Investors need to qualify as either sophisticated or high net worth and certify as such.
  7. The FX services are unregulated and engage in a variety of trading activities. Trading spot currencies carries substantial risk that involves potential for loss. This activity is only appropriate for investors who understand and are willing to assume all the risks involved. With ever changing market conditions your trading results may also vary.
  8. Trentrock charges an entry fee on any capital invested into any of the products introduced – equivalent to 2%.