• Trentrock has access to a select trading service for high net worth individuals, corporate clients and a number of hedge funds.

In essence a client would open an account with a well-known depository (such as HSBC, City Credit Capital, Credit Suisse) in its own name. The client would grant the traders a mandate to trade this capital. The traders have no direct access to the invested funds, only authority to trade (only clients can move capital in & out). Our service is a very successful trading operation which focuses on identifying deviations in all the major currencies and commodities. Returns are typically 5-10+% per month, clients can take income or compound. There is a performance fee of 32.5% levied on gross monthly profits. No other fees.

Most importantly the service provides a capital guarantee. Their multi-level capital protection is not only able to secure the initial capital, but the gains as well. Unconventionally, the protection is also guaranteed in a contract by the party that is independent from the trading operations.

The minimum entry size for clients is £3m. Average placement is around $50M. There is no lock in period and clients can withdraw and have funds back in 3 days if needed. Ideally notice can be provided so that any trade exposures can be managed appropriately.

Notes & Risk Statement
1. Trentrock / Daniel Hayes is not regulated nor qualified to provide financial advice.
2. Trentrock acts as an independent introducer to alternative investment strategies.
3. As the products are generally unregulated then any failure will mean that investors will not be compensated by the FCA.
4. These products are not open to the general public and are not retail investment offerings. Investors need to qualify as either sophisticated or high net worth and certify as such.