Daniel C. Hayes

Managing Director

Daniel has considerable experience within the financial services industries of London, Tokyo and Geneva. He has developed a whole range of capabilities within the industry and has provided strategic leadership within the operations, most recently for HSBC Private Bank, Geneva, where he was the global head of quality, working with traders, relationship managers and operations. Along with his international experience and quality background Daniel brings an understanding of economics, accounting and finance and business law, having read these subjects at Lancaster University. The move back to the UK in 2010 allowed him to reconnect with his family and also led to him meeting his wife, Lisa-Marie, whom he married in July 2011. Luciana Hayes arrived in Oct 2012, Gabriella in May 2015.

The formation of Trentrock Limited in 2012 allows for the provision of a range of services which can leverage his background appropriately. These include access to a range of unconventional sources of finance, such as crowd funding, private capital and alternative investment capital. Daniel is also developing a presence in the international trade arena, helping a number of clients secure overseas contracts. He has completed a number of high value contracts recently.

In June 2013 Daniel formed Longbow Venture Capital Limited with Chris Lightbody, which has been responsible for providing seed capital to a number of ventures, such as VST Enterprises & VCode and Kinitas SIA Limited. He is currently working on an exciting personal air mobility project – VRCO #NeoXCraft.

In his spare time, Daniel loves to get out and enjoy the outdoors. He is a keen skier and snowboarder and is able to get round a golf course.

LinkedIn – Daniel C. Hayes on LinkedIn

Current Directorships

  • VRCO Limited – Nov 2016
  • Croft Technologies Limited – Sept 2015
  • Kinitas SIA Limited – Feb 2015
  • Efficient Technologies Plc -June 2013
  • Longbow Venture Capital Limited – June 2013
  • Trentrock Limited – Jan 2012
  • Agility Nutrition Limited – April 2012

Historical Directorships

  • Wye Associates Limited – March 2010 to Sept 2011
  • Origen Private Equity Limited – Jan 2011 to July 2012
  • Pelham Court Management Company – June 2010 to Dec 2013
  • KMS Solutions Limited – April 2013
  • Via Solidus Consultancy Limited – July 2013