Everyone that works in the ‘Financial Services Industry’ (Banking, Legal, Accounting, Investment and Pension) are looking for a ‘Solution’ (not a Product) that will assist their Clients in achieving their current and Future Personal and Business Objectives whilst also achieving their own Current and Future Personal and Business Objectives.

In these very ‘Challenging Financial Times’, which have now been going on for at least 6 years and show no immediate sign of improvement, it is imperative that a ‘Solution’ not only meets Today’s Problems / Objectives but also solves Future ones as well.

Current Problems / Objectives are some or all of the following.

Some Clients have All of these and some only have a few.

These are All Real Problems that we have come across over the past few years and with the help of our ‘Solution’, been able to solve, eliminate or reduce.

Problems / Objectives

  1. Staying in Business;
  2. Turning My Business Round;
  3. Increasing the Profitability of My Business;
  4. Increasing Working Capital in My Business at No Extra Cost;
  5. Increasing My Income;
  6. Paying Less Income Tax;
  7. Paying Less Corporation Tax;
  8. Getting Rid of My Personal Debt;
  9. Getting Rid of My / Business / Corporate Debt;
  10. Reducing or Eliminating Tax on my Capital Loan Repayments;
  11. Increasing the Amount that you can borrow to assist You and / or Your Business in the Challenging Financial Times;
  12. Releasing Equity that could Assist Your Business in the Challenging Financial Times;
  13. Saving approximately £1,000,000 of Personal Income Tax by Restructuring your Current & Future Borrowing (Assumes Personal Debt of £1,000,000);
  14. Reducing the Term of a Loan from 15 years to 8 years 1 month at NO Extra Cost to You or Your Business;
  15. Being able to Take Benefits from your Pension Scheme Earlier;
  16. Cash – Asset Swopping to Increase Cash-flow and Liquidity for You and your Business;
  17. Increasing the Value of Your Pension Scheme at NO Extra Cost to You or Your Company;
  18. Increasing Your and Your Businesses Net Value;
  19. Finding a Bank / Lender that will help You and / or Your Business do some or all of the above;
  20. Avoid the LifeTime Allowance (LTA) issue;

There are more, but I thought that 20 would be a good start!

Our Client’s Priorities are to deal with Today’s Problems / Objectives so that they can forget about the Future ones.

Knowing that there is a Problem, especially Today, is not Rocket Science, or as Basil Fawlty said to Sybil ‘The Bleeding Obvious’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1Y7VKYWdUo), but having access to a Solution that meets Today’s Objectives, whilst being able to deal with Future Objectives, would set you apart from the other Professionals in the market place, especially if the costs are funded by the savings and / or George.

Knowledge is Key / Power         

Whether you are trying to ‘Add Value’ to an Existing Client Relationship, Retain an Existing Client, Recruit a New Client or just be better than the Competition, your Success or Failure depends on your ‘Knowledge’, which in very general terms is, assuming that you know what the problem is, what is the ‘Solution’ and where do I get it from.

The purpose of this note is to invite you and one of your colleagues, to a Seminar which will deal with all of the above, you can book your place here.

Our Seminar, using real client case studies, will introduce you to a ‘Solution’, currently used by a chosen few, that deals with ‘Today’s Problems / Objectives’, whilst keeping an eye on Future Objectives.

We would hope that after attending the Seminar, and possibly the following workshop, that the extra knowledge you gain will without doubt:

  • Enhance existing client relationships;
  •  Retain existing client relationships;
  •  Provide you with new ideas to approach other prospective clients;
  •  Enable referrals from your existing clients;
  •  Enable you to Lend Money where you are not permitted to Lend it at this time;
  •  Earn Additional Fees;
  •  Set you apart from your competitors;

Should you want to learn more and / or want to arrange a Seminar / Workshop at your Company rather than attend a Group Seminar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Brief Case Study

Client came to us via his Financial Adviser / Accountant / Bank.

Had a £650,000 Personal Mortgage on Interest only which he, and his wife, knew would cost him / his business £1,300,000 out of Gross Income to get £650,000 after Tax and NI over the next 10 years plus the interest in the intervening period.

The Tax & NI Bill being £650,000.

He also wanted to purchase a Commercial Premises for £1,000,000 – £1,200,000 to assist his Business increase its turnover / profit but could not do this due to the borrowing constraints associated with his Pension Scheme / Bank unless he made a significant contribution to his pension scheme which he / or his business did not have.

We were able to carry out both transactions and save the £650,000 in Tax and provide him with £650,000 to settle his Personal Mortgage and end up with a Commercial Property which will provide him with a significant income of more than £100,000 per year when he retires in 10 year’s time.

We were also able to introduce £180,000 of Working Capital, which pleased the Bank, into the Business and to eliminate £530,000 – £590,000 of Corporate Debt, which again pleased the Bank as this debt was secured on a Property valued at £700,000 along with reducing the term of a loan from 14 years to 5 years and finally, all of this enabled the company to buy back the shares of a minority shareholder, thereby increasing his holding from less than 45% to almost 56% with a plan to purchase the remaining shares over the next 5 years.

It is important to note that there was NO Increase in the costs to the Person and / or the Company by carrying out these transactions and that all of the fees / costs were in effect paid for by George.

So we ended up with a;

  1. Happy Client and his Wife;
  2.  Happy Bank Manager and his Area Manager!
  3.  Happy Shareholder;
  4.  Happy Accountant;
  5.  Happy Financial Adviser;

If you would like to attend one of these sessions then please do book your place by registering here